Shipping Guidelines and Helpful Information

General shipping guidelines:

Thank you for your order! We make every effort to pack and ship out within 2 business days of order receipt, and we handmake all of our truffles and snacks and may need to make more of something that you've ordered so please keep that in mind, especially if you've chosen the "hold my order" option.

When your shipping label has been created by our packing team you will receive a notification from Shopify that contains the tracking information, but please note that this does not necessarily indicate that your order has immediately gone out - only that the label has been made.

The information from USPS you see that states "2 business days" or "4 business days" refers to the transit time anticipated by the post office to ship the package, not necessarily when your desired items have been made or packed. This timeframe refers to when it has physically left our shop.

Some caveats to our timeline to be aware of please as well please are the following situations:

  • Orders placed between Fridays-Sundays will not be packed or shipped until the following week, as our packing crew works Monday-Thursday.
  • If your order is being shipped to a warm climate, the extra time in packing and freezing overnight may delay your order as well, so please do keep this in mind when planning your desired delivery timeframe.

Thank you so much for your support of our small business - we appreciate you!

 Melissa & Co.